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Dr Lam with other members of the Tai Chi for Health Institute 

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Tai Chi for Health

Ann Hunt a tai chi treasure

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Tai Chi for Health and Wellness At Dr Lam's Tai Chi for Energy instructors training workshop in Sept 2014

October Newsletter

Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis at Chicago Sept 2014"The enthusiasm of our participants is what makes Tai Chi for Health so successful"Click here for Oct Newsletter online, and here for all past Newsletters.

October Special

My Tai Chi Music CDs have been especially composed to enhance your practice. Tai Chi Music CD2 has music for Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis 2, Tai Chi for Kidz, Tai Chi for Beginners, Tai Chi for Health and Yang and Sun Styles. 

This month you can buy either or both CDs at 20% off!  Click here to place your order. Please use coupon code MS1014.

Click here to place your order.

Tai Chi for Energy instructor training workshop by Dr Lam Sept 2014The Institute, a registered non-profit organization, see its board's bulletin below. To contact the Institute or any member of the board please email:

Tai Chi for Energy Instructor Training Workshop

Learn Tai Chi for Energy to energize yourself, teach others and enjoy both Chen and Sun style tai chi. 

Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis

Introducing one of Dr Lam's most popular workshops.

The January 2015 Tai Chi Workshop in Sydney!

Join Dr Paul Lam for the 17th annual workshop - enroll now to ensure your chosen class, share positive energy and enjoy the camaraderie.